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Gift cheques


TOP’s gift cheques… the best present you can think of!

Are you looking for a present for a birthday, a special way to surprise your partner or an original thank you?

The new published gift cheques from TOP INTERNATIONAL and TOP City&CountryLine Hotels are the ideal present and fits the interest of everyone! TOP’s gift cheques are available in the following amounts: € 50 and € 100 and will be send out within 24 hours after receiving your money. Our gift cheques can be used at any TOP INTERNATIONAL or TOP City&CountryLine Hotel in Germany and Austria.


Top-Gutschein 50 Euro
Top-Gutschein 100 Euro


If you wish to order a gift cheque please be so kind and send us an email with the following details:

- Your full address and phone number and
- the number of gift cheques (€ 50 or € 100 value) you wish to order and please
- let us know if you are the recipient or someone else should receive it as a present. Therefore we need the delivery

Order now! Please send an E-mail:

TOP´s gift cheques will only be delivered by payment in advance. You will get a voucher number and invoice incl. shipping costs via email. Please make sure that this voucher number will be registerd on the payment advice.

Gift cheques do not represent any monetary value. If only a partial amount is used for an overnight guests can use the rest for food or beverages in the hotel. TOP and TOP affiliates are not able to pay cash against a credit of our gift cheques. Gift cheques can be used in any TOP INTERNATIONAL or TOP City&CountryLine Hotel in Germany and Austria. Orders will be shipped once payment has been received which includes the postage and an insurance for registered mail of € 6,90 within Germany and € 8,05 for other european countries. europäische Länder, nach Eingang der Zahlung.