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TOP City&CountryLine
The TOP City&CountryLine (TOP CCL) brand represents the exclusive line of TOP INTERNATIONAL. This comprises “Private First Class & Luxury Hotels” in Germany and neighbouring European countries. Their uncompromising quality is regularly inspected according to a 100-point specification. Each TOP City&CountryLine hotel is privately run or privately owned and is full of charm and character.


TOP CityLine Hotel Kaiserin Elisabeth


TOP CityLine Hyllit Hotel


TOP CountryLine Hotel Esplanade Spa & Golf Resort


TOP CountryLine Heide Spa Hotel & Resort


TOP CountryLine Hotel Ritter<


TOP CityLine Parkhotel Wittekindshof Dortmund


TOP CityLine Hotel Platzhirsch Fulda


TOP CityLine Hotel Eggers


TOP CityLine Hotel Panorama Billstedt


TOP CityLine Hotel Panorama Harburg


TOP CityLine Klassik Altstadt Hotel


TOP CountryLine Hotel Meerane


TOP CountryLine Seehotel Großherzog von Mecklenburg


TOP CountryLine Seehotel Berlin-Rangsdorf


TOP CountryLine Hotel Roth am Strande


TOP CityLine Fosshotel Reykjavik


TOP CityLine Grand Hotel Reykjavik


TOP CityLine Hotel Reykjavik Centrum


TOP CountryLine ZENITH Hotel Conference and Spa